Sauces, Spreads, Mayos & Dressings

Authentic solutions for an enjoyable experience!

Your delectable creations just got better with our range of offerings. We help our customers turn creative ideas into innovative products that reflect freshness with every bite. A sauce, spread, mayo or dressing can make or break the taste perception of a main dish. We strive to create strategic ingredients that would leave your customers wanting more.


dispersion solubility


taste delivery

shelf life


Range of unique and authentic vegetable solutions sourced from the best raw material possessing true to nature taste profiles to uplift your dishes.


An assortment of ingredients created by innovation led chemistry for delivering a distinct palatable experience.


Perfect bucket of authentic ingredients which elevate the taste of all savory dishes with a distinct umami taste profile that leaves you wanting more.


A unique spectrum of authentic science based offerings created to elevate the taste delivery of end applications.


Specially formulated dairy ingredients aimed at delivering rich tasting solutions to customers to make it a memorable experience.

Nutrity - Segments-N-Fresh


N–Fresh Technology. – Nutriti’s answer to making recipes fresh and quality driven.

Sourced from the choicest ingredients it is your one-stop solution for creating that magic extraordinaire for every dish.