The science-based beverage solutions to rejuvenate your senses!

We have research and development expertise in product creation and formulation – all of which encompass taste, visuals and aroma solutions. Our solutions can be tailored to customers’ specific needs of taste delivery, visual appeal, excitement and basic human tendency to find something new. As trends shift, we strive to help our customers react faster to market demand by incorporating technology in our assortment through specially engineered offerings. 

appealing smell

audio experience


taste delivery

visual appeal

fruit and raisins

Vivid mélange of bright ingredients to impart an authentic delectability thus providing a wholesome experience for consumers.

Nutrity - Segments-N-Colour

N-colour beads

Enhance a simple drink with our N-Colour Beads Technology. Create stunningly magical beverages and cocktails that will make a lasting impression.

The colour changing technology is a visual treat to the eyes along with adding freshness and mouth feel to your drink.

Nutrity - Segments-N-Fizz


A technology that adds energy and fun to your beverages. Masterfully engineered to deliver an impactful fizz to your beverage- thus taking a simple juice – from to boring to brilliant.

We at Nutriti aim to make your beverage a vibrant, visually appealing experience for each of your senses.