Keeping It Clean
India is one of the largest liquor markets in the world, and it is only set to grow. The country’s demographic dividend, in particular, portends well for the liquor market. A growing youth population means a large number of young people eager to try new things and new flavours.
Today, whiskey remains the most popular liquor in the Indian market – it makes for majority of IMFL market in India, and India consumes almost half the whiskey produced worldwide (48%). Even so, craft beers, craft gins, and flavoured liquors are making their presence felt. Several young and energetic brands have launched products in the craft alcohol range and are already enjoying a loyal and growing consumer base.
For producers looking to enter the liquor market in India, diversify their product offerings, or improve on taste and quality, alcohol flavours are the answer. These flavours ensure consistency of taste, fidelity to flavours, premium quality, and the opportunity to experiment with a variety of flavour options. Thanks to alcohol flavours, your product can recreate the tastes of iconic brands or explore new flavours altogether.
VKL is one of the key producers of alcohol flavours. We have learnt that in the vibrant space of alcohol flavours, inspiration can come from anywhere! We make everything from flavours like orange, grape, and mint, for country liquors & low alcohol formats to flavours that capture and perfectly recreate the experience of iconic brands of vodka, whiskey, rum, and brandy, to list only a few. Needless to say, we adhere to the highest standards in the industry and our products comply with all regulations on alcohol flavours. The result is a experience – for you and for the consumer.
Our flavour solutions cater to both, Country Liquor and IMFL, including flavours for whites, browns, bitters and beers as well. Our flavours cover the whole gamut – from sophisticated classics to innovative and bold novelty flavours.
For whites we make vodka, rum, and gin flavours, each of which adds its own unique notes. While vodka adds a smooth texture, which has a sharp, fruity flavour, our rum flavour recreates the taste of Jamaican-Rum, and gin lends notes of Juniper and wood. Our flavours for browns include several iconic flavours like Tennessee Whiskey Type, with its smooth flavour of famous Bourbons with a fruity note, Single Malt Type, which recreates the famous flavours of Scotch-whiskey, with vanillic, fruity notes, French Brandy, which recreates the smoky flavour of Brandy, with buttery notes, Coffee Rum, which recreates the flavours of coffee rum, with creamy, vanillic notes, Grape Brandy Type, which recreates the flavour of Grape Brandies, with notes of fruit, berry, and vanilla, and Brandy, which recreates the flavour of iconic cognacs, with vanillic, buttery notes.
Coming to country liquor, we continue to make a large variety of flavours, covering everything from aniseed, a spicy, sweet, and woody flavour, to Irish coffee, with the creamy flavours of coffee rum and liquor. These are just two, but in all we make twelve different flavours for country liquor including Energy, Pineapple, Mint, Banana, Orange, Grape, Lychee, Belgian Chocolate, Coffee and Blackcurrant flavours. Interestingly, we also make flavours for Beers – opening up for you an avenue into the burgeoning market for speciality beers. Finally, our flavours for bitters include Herbs bitters, with herbal, camphoraceous, and woody flavours, Aromato Bitters, with brown, spicy, and woody flavours, Rose Bitters, with floral and sweet flavours, Citrus Bitters, with tart, juicy, acidic, citrus flavours, Lemon Bitter, with lemony, fruity, rind, juicy flavours, and finally, Tea Bitters, with herbaceous, dry, woody, herbal, floral, and metallic flavours.
With all these flavours to choose from, all that remains is for you to find the perfect match for your product, or shake-up the menu and try something new! Not only can we help you find the best flavours for your current offerings, we at VKL will also be happy to guide you through the innovation process and share with you our expertise in conceptualising, creating, and launching new, innovative products. Together, let’s take your products to the next level!